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6 Reasons You Might Be Studying Longer And Harder Than You Need To

  • You don't have a study strategy: You've bought a class and/or some books, but you're not sure how to manage your time and make the fastest progress possible
  • You don't understand how the GMAT is scored: Have you been studying for a long time but not seen your score move? It's SUPER common - watch the video to see why and what to do about it! 
  • You know the material but don't know how to apply it: This is most common on the Verbal section but can be a big problem on the Quant section as well - let me show you how to fix this! 
  • You don't know what to study: There are a million forum posts and a million practice questions - which ones should you do and how should you do them?! Which providers publish the best materials?!
  • You think studying more hours is the key: Studying a lot is super helpful, but most students lack the knowledge to study productively for the GMAT because they think the GMAT works just like other exams - it doesn't! 
  • You think getting more questions right will help your score: Watch the video to see why this is probably NOT the case!